"If you can’t love yourself,
how the #@*%  you gonna love somebody else?
— Ru Paul

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Do you believe that, “You can only love someone else as much as you love yourself?”

Is it possible that you are putting a cap or lid on your love life? That you are actually stopping yourself from giving and receiving your full untapped love potential?  

It doesn't matter if you are single, dating, or married. Your untapped potential for love is ready to be explored, unlocked; and finally, you can allow the floodgates of love to open in your life.

It’s heartbreaking to see people wear their heart on their sleeve to just be shut down time after time. Where excitement and joy are replaced with rejection and believing that you're not good enough

Or are you the person that puts up walls and protections around their heart from the very beginning distancing themselves from love so they won't be hurt?

Or worse, deep down, you want to love — you might be dating or in a relationship - but don’t believe you can have it. 

You question whether love is real or not, if you deserve love, or if you are worth loving.  

It’s time to end the lack of trust in yourself and others around love.

It’s time to stop the conflict of what you think you want in love vs what you truly dream of!

It’s time to feel fully safe and secure as you pursue and create your ideal relationship instead of settling for some watered-down version of love. 

What is possible for you in love?


Do you want fun, joy, laughter, and humor?

Do you want to be heard, valued, understood, and acknowledged?

Do you want safety, security, stability, and consistency?

Do you want romance, sex, intimacy, passion?

Do you want connection, friendship, understanding, and vulnerability?

Do you want wealth, goals, drive, and responsibility?

Do you want freedom, travel, spontaneity, and creativity?


How much do you actually believe that you can have all of this and more in your love life?

Any doubt, uncertainty, negative emotions, or negative beliefs you have is keeping you from unlocking your love potential.

Your limited view of love — the nagging inner voice that is saying love is not possible for you; that belief that everything has to be right and perfect — is distracting you from attracting your ideal love. 

Register for the Keys to Love

Unlock your love potential.

Break down the dam that is holding your love hostage.

Be the love you wish to see in the world.

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A 5-day virtual experience where you will stop the excuses, conflict, and judgments you have around love so that you can trust, believe and have untapped potential in your love life.

In the Keys to Love you will:

  • get down to the core of what is holding you back from giving and receiving love.
  • Understand what is motivating you to have and be in the relationships you are in, or what is motivating you to seek the relationship you are wanting
  • Learn how to tap into your needs and wants while communicating them effectively with ease
  • Move from "blame and shame" about intimacy, sex, and connection, to confidence and freedom
  • Expand your definition of love and create the love you have always wanted

 Valued at $497.00

>> ONLY $37.00 <<


  • Saturday November 7th to Wednesday November 11th, 2020

  • 9:00 AM PST to 10:30 AM PST each day. 


Online Webinar from the comfort of your own home or office - webinar link will be sent to you when you register. 

NO EXCUSES, If you can't make it live watch the recordings!

This is guaranteed to be the quickest way you can shift your mindset for a profound, almost instantaneous, transformation.

Limited BONUS: 3 private coaching calls for the next 20 people

Want 1-on-1 training from the Genius Unlocked team?

For a limited time we are offering 3 private, 1-on-1 coaching calls for the next 20 people who sign-up for Keys to Love.

You will receive personalized coaching to support you through a complete shift in how you think about, feel, and create the love you want - allowing you to finally manifest your true love potential. 

Register for the Keys to Love

Don’t let this be you:

Too many people come to coaching wanting to make money from their passion and purpose. They want to make an impact on the world yet they don’t believe they can have both the love of their life and a booming business or career.

Ask yourself, where have you sacrificed love, intimacy, romance, connection, sex, and self-care for other obligations, duties, or responsibilities?

Are you really too busy to unlock the love you want in your life?

Whether you are wanting to find your ideal love in someone you haven’t met, or in your current relationship, you are in the right place. We have a unique way of getting you in alignment with what you truly want.

We have a unique way of getting you in alignment with what you truly want.

"You can believe it is possible, feel incredible about the love you are creating in your life, and be motivated to make the love you want in your life actually happen!"


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Register for the Keys to Love

It is time to stop second-guessing yourself and feeling confused and disappointed with love. Join us to get clarity, certainty, and freedom! You actually don’t have time to NOT do this 5-day virtual experience.

You can have both. Imagine what you will feel and what your life will be like when your love life is unlocked!

Our Team

Jenn Beninger

Founder and CEO

“I lived most of my life, holding myself back — believing that I wasn’t good enough or truly worthy of success — until I found my purpose and what genius I could truly share with the world. True transformation and breakthroughs were the key. That’s when everything shifted for me and I haven't looked back.”

As Genius Unlocked Founder and CEO, Jenn has refined the art of coaching others on how to delve into what's holding them back and live in their purpose by calling on their intuition. Jenn’s true genius and authentic self, have manifested into Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute where she uses her executive experience with thousands of hours of coaching and mentoring to transform leaders personal and professional lives.

She has developed her genius and true purpose through combining her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy and as a Certified Coach through John Maxwell and Life on Fire. Also, Jenn is Certified in Time Line Therapy®, Ho Ľoponopono and is an Advanced Level III, Reiki Practitioner.

“Achieving Mastery” is one of Jenn’s core values, and it has been at the center of her education and training through working with fortune 500 companies, holding executive positions in the coaching industry, managing teams of coaches, developing coaching curriculum, teaching business development skills, and running transformational leadership events. 

Through her deep understanding of energy work, intuition, communication skills, and mindset work Jenn is able to produce more breakthrough results than she or her clients could dream of.

Carson Cooper

Founder and COO

“My true genius and authentic self wasn’t actualized until I went from constantly seeking outside validation to truly loving who I am. For much of my life I allowed others to decide my self-worth and never believed the impact I could make when living in my purpose. My mission is to bring out the influential genius that stares you in the mirror everyday yet continues to hide behind lies society has told you.”

Carson Cooper is Founder and COO of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. He has over 9 years of experience as a coach, trainer, mentor, and mediator. Carson has done thousands of coaching sessions and mediations, maximizing people’s strengths to operate in their true genius.

Carson’s constant strive to achieve mastery in coaching, develop influential leaders, and creatively uses his intuition that allows him to work with and influence leaders in business, academics, government agencies, and low-income communities. Carson has taught coaching skills, mediation, leadership, and conflict resolutions training in the United States, Africa, and Europe, transforming participants mindset and relationships with themselves, others, and the world. Carson holds a BA in International Security and Conflict Resolution, and an MA in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building. He is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation, The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, John Maxwell, and Life On Fire. He rounds out his practice with certifications in Sacred Geometry and Reiki, Level II.

Living in his purpose, Carson makes his clients feel deeply seen, heard, and understood so they can break through the shame, guilt, and fear from negative life experiences so that they can live a life of courage, love, and joy.

Rachel Bailey

Director of Coaching 

"I aim to make our clients' lives easier by revealing their potential, allowing them to trust their intuition, and release any limiting decisions. I plan to change the world with my exceptional life coaching by helping others reach for their biggest dreams and fulfill their true purpose!”

Rachel Bailey is Head Coach at Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. Her journey has taken her from athletic figure skating coach, to health and fitness coach, to now a certified and accomplished life coach. Rachel has thousands of hours of coaching and aspires to help each individual realize his or her purpose.

Rachel practices what she coaches and dreams big as well. Her accomplishments include taking fourth place at the United States Figure Skating National Competition, and more recently, winning the crown and title of Ms. California IJM 2019. Rachel plans to change the world with her exceptional life coaching by helping others reach for their biggest dreams and fulfill their true purpose.

Angeline M. Hart

and Dixon Schwenk

Angeline M. Hart and husband, Dixon Schwenk, are a happily married couple of 28 years. It is the second marriage for both. Between them, they have a lot of experience in the fields of personal growth and psychology. From their own separate and shared history, they have developed highly effective methods you can use for building happier relationships. Both spent years in the dating scene, making mistakes and learning from them. Through their Amazon bestselling book, Gorillas Make Great Lovers!, they share with you the wisdom and skills they gained.

Matthew Greer


“I was so unaware of how I was showing up in my relationships until it smacked me in the face while at the hospital…I was distant and an emotional bully to the people, and in particular, the women in my life. Since receiving this gift of awareness my mission in life is to support couples in setting and achieving goals through safe and effective communication.”

Matt’s journey is leading him from a successful career in construction engineering to coaching people into being the greatest version of themselves. Matt has dedicated his life to personal and spiritual development over the last 10+ years while learning the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programing. Matt believes that you are a divine being and he will support you with connecting to your divinity while cultivating the one relationship that is most important on this earth…the relationship with your divine self.

Matt is a coach who practices what he preaches and has a team of coaches who he relies on for support and clarity with his personal goals. Without a strong mindset and emotional foundation, Matt was able to earn a Civil Engineering Degree, move to the beaches of Southern California and attract a loving and supportive network of family, friends and professionals. Now with a strong mind and a compassionate heart, he is living his life on purpose with the ability to manifest an abundance of Love, Support and Prosperity for his life. Matt is ready to create this in your life and is looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Believe it!

The answers you need are inside you. And we can teach you how to access them with ease and flow, so you can heal and unlock love in your life.

In this training, you will be aware of the negative energy and blocks that are keeping you from your untapped love potential. This process allows you to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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Only $37

Our mission is to allow you to heal and achieve results in love!

Our vision is for you to ALWAYS BE YOU!

"Learn how to use your intuition to do the HEAVY LIFTING for you & BUSTING down the door to the unconscious patterns that hold you back from achieving your true potential."
— Carson Cooper, Genius Unlocked.

Get results quickly!

You will clear the way for a spark to ignite your inner power. (You know — "the power" that’s been lying dormant in your life for too long now.)

Transform your thoughts and your unconscious motivations to create a new love.

Client testimonials report benefits of:

  • healing buried issues and challenges

  • healing old patterns

  • releasing anger and worry

  • gaining the ability to honor their authentic self

  • increasing confidence and well-being

  • feelings of deep peace

  • a profound sense of being loved

  • worry being released and replaced with a sense of safety

Are you ready to heal the parts of you that are holding you back?

Are you ready to achieve massive results in your love life?

It is time to say YES to the best version of love!

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Only $37