Accelerated Life and Business Integration is a business partnership, coaching, mentorship and certification program where you no longer have to do it alone. Put all the pieces of your puzzle together to have the impact you want on the world while building your wealth strategically. 

Do you feel like you are meant to be a coach, teacher, or mentor, yet you’re just not sure how to package your unique ideas, gifts, and skills? Are you not sure where your ideal clients are hiding? Are you not sure which steps to take to grow your wealth exponentially? 

With over 5,000 hours of coaching and 15 years in the coaching industry, we have found 3 major blocks entrepreneurs are facing that keep them from growing their wealth.

First Roadblock

Very often experienced and skilled entrepreneurs want to make money coaching, teaching, and mentoring, yet they don’t have the confidence or know-how to present their curriculum in a way that creates massive impact and profit. This eats away at their confidence and keeps them from taking steps forward, or worse, they keep doing the same thing over and over with no results.

Believe it or not, you have a genius inside of you, and that genius can transform people’s lives! Yet, if you cannot put your genius into a sales system that allows potential clients to identify themselves as such, and see the possibility of massive transformation with you, they will not buy. You need a sales system and curriculum that works for you like a metal detector picking up precious metal and attracting all your ideal clients easily and effortlessly.

Second Roadblock

The second problem facing entrepreneurs is burnout accompanied by a lack of success. Entrepreneurs are putting in long, hard hours implementing what they have been told will work. They are burning the candle at both ends trying to create momentum, yet they are not really being seen as the transformative coach they want to be. They may or may not have their brilliant ideas, niches, and packages, yet they are hiding their authentic self, they are not putting themselves in front of their ideal clients fully, and they are second-guessing their ability to create massive, deep, long-lasting transformation for others. So many people have gone from coach to coach, been to personal development seminars, read all these books, and yet they are still questioning why they are not farther. This is so relatable, isn’t it?

Do you feel like you're missing a piece of your puzzle? You have done so much work to create the business of your dreams and just need to put all the pieces together? 

Well once you know your genius and packages you need a deep breakthrough that releases all past patterns of self-sabotage, self-doubt, fear, procrastination, anxiety, and overwhelm, where you finally trust yourself, are massively confident in your skills, and willing to be seen for your gifts!

You need a breakthrough that shifts stubborn core beliefs that say “you can’t be that successful” or “that you can’t make that big of a difference.” It’s time you release that inner conflict where part of you is ready for wealth and freedom and the other is afraid of rejection or doing it wrong. When you release all this you are then ready for a strategic plan created from your gifts and intuition that you are more motivated than ever to achieve. Stop running away from what you don’t want where there are blocks around every corner and clear the path so that you are pulled toward what you do want!


Once you have a deep life-transforming breakthrough you can also increase your confidence by being highly certified in the same modalities to create this transformation in your clients.

Third Roadblock

The third roadblock that stops entrepreneurs from being the powerful coach or mentor they know they can be is their money mindset: their ability to receive money abundantly. Part of them wants wealth and prosperity, yet they are blocking it from coming into their lives. It’s time entrepreneurs have an easy way to make more money, keep money, and invest more money. When entrepreneurs have the tools to release money blocks and learn how to forecast their wealth they go from stuck and stagnant to freedom where they have choice and flexibility around money. 

You have unique gifts and ideas to impact this world and we have a powerful and structured system to reach your ideal clients. Allow yourself to step into your authenticity in order to let your voice be heard while building your wealth strategically and say yes to this opportunity.

Accelerated Life and Business Integration is a business partnership, coaching, mentorship and certification program where you no longer have to do it alone. Put all the pieces of your puzzle together to have the impact you want on the world while building your wealth strategically.

What's in Accelerated Life and Business Integration?


1.  Sales system: 

We will detail out your unique ideas, gifts, and skill into a structured curriculum, sales, and wealth-building system that attracts your ideal clients and creates high sales conversions every time. You can finally relax and know you will impact the world and receive the money you are worth. This curriculum, sales, and wealth system will allow you to easily sell coaching packages from $1,500 to $25,000 with consistency and ease. 


2.  1-on-1 breakthroughs 

You will experience the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line TherapyⓇ, Hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching, and energy work to deeply transform yourself into the coach you want to be. This is a one of a kind experience where you release all trauma, negative thoughts and emotions, and inner conflict holding you back. As a coach, you are the lid to your clients. When you pop off your lid and allow wealth and abundance to flow in your life it will do the same for your clients.

3.  Strategic Business and wealth strategy 

We work beside you to build every aspect of your business from branding, prospecting, marketing, writing sales webinars, talks, and challenges. We write your curriculum with you for group coaching, masterclasses, and retreats. We support you with all your technology needs in a members area, collecting money, putting on webinars, and staying connected to your clients. We set up systems to track your money and wealth in order to grow your business exponentially. This is a comprehensive business and wealth strategy customized for your needs.


4.  International Coaching Certifications

Become highly trained in the 6 certifications that will allow you to create a massive long-lasting impact on your clients every time. Genius Unlocked three pillars to transformation are self-awareness, the release of the root cause, and healing every aspect of a client. For the first pillar, you will be certified as a professional coach through the (1) International Coaching Federation (ICF) and (2) NLP coaching in order to ask questions no other coach will ask, take your clients deeper than any other coach, and see patterns no other coaches will see in order to create massive self-awareness for your clients. For the second pillar, you will be certified as a (3) NLP and (4) Time Line TherapyⓇ practitioner in order to get past the presenting problem and release the root cause of your client’s blocks every time. For the third pillar you will be certified in our Advanced Intuitive Insight Reiki Attunement in order to heal your clients energetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Accelerated Life and Business Integration business partnership is a one-year program with continued masterminds in year two in order to accelerate your wealth and impact.

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