Expand your capacity to create and live in your genius
while growing a thriving coaching business.

"Accelerate your life and business..."

Accelerate your life and business while integrating your values, intuition, genius, and impact into a system where you create abundance in wealth, health, relationships, and spirituality.

It is not enough to just make a lot of money — or to just be spiritually evolved.

It is when you integrate your spiritual development by creating the wealth you desire that will allow you to make the impact you want in other’s lives and achieve abundance in your life.

Up until this point you have been growing your business and creating change in one of two ways. 


Spending time with coaching, therapy, or mentorship where you have been learning skills and making changes consciously. Unfortunately, conscious work is only a short term band aid solution resulting in a yoyo type of success that goes up and down. You might feel like you’re on a hamster wheel going nowhere, or you may feel like you’re fighting and struggling for what you want. Worse, you could be avoiding what you know you need to do and feeling like everything is hard, overwhelming, and you are busy all the time with no results.


You are doing the mediation, hypnotherapy, energetic and spiritual work where you have been learning and making changes unconsciously, which is deep transformational work, yet your conscious mind doesn’t believe the healing worked, and you’re stuck in the same patterns of working hard, feeling busy, overwhelmed and not sure how to see your dreams to fruition.

We have created a process that gives you the missing puzzle piece to achieve abundance in your life and business. With this last piece, you will build trust between your conscious and unconscious mind where you learn and reframe thoughts and beliefs consciously while releasing your deepest negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and traumas on the unconscious level.

When you build trust between the conscious and unconscious mind you will create the biggest transformation of your life.

As you build this trust, your mindset and life will shift. You will start seeing sustainable and permanent long term success with the transformation that is fast, easy, and fun. Get ready to go beyond what you think is possible in your life.

Live your best life on your terms while living in your genius.

Jenn and Carson

Jenn and Carson, owners of Genius Unlocked, started out listening to and trusting their intuition.

Quickly they found that their intuition was the silver bullet to achieving abundance. Not only did they increase their confidence, release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and traumas; they also grew spiritually, creating a deep connection with their definition of Source.

This allowed them to:

  • In the first 4 months of Genius Unlocked to make $100,000.
  • In month 5 they made $40,000, and
  • By month 8 they had a $155,000 month.


They achieved this by healing their conscious and unconscious mind which peeled back the layers to find and have the confidence to live in their true genius.

They were then able to implement ideas from their intuition quickly, making the money they wanted while working with their ideal clients. They were also able to integrate their family life, fun, and play, with their business - living the life they always wanted full of travel, time freedom, impact, and spending time with exceptional people.

Take their programs to heal consciously and unconsciously, find and confidently live in your true genius, and implement ideas from your intuition in order to watch your life and business flourish.

When you do this you will accelerate your results in your business, integrate all areas of life, and achieve abundance.

Their clients continue to achieve the same accelerated results
in wealth, health, relationships, and spirituality.  

If you want to get results fast, have a quality business that massively impacts lives, and receive the best prices in the coaching industry, join Genius Unlocked!

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